Monday-Friday 7am – 5pm
Saturdays 8am – 2pm

Who We Are

Stirring Coffeehouse isn’t just a space with really good coffee, we are a culture that builds both innovation and family. We believe in excellent coffee, purposeful community, and passionate creativity.


Our Coffee

Our Espresso

We get our primary espresso blend from Onyx – based in Arkansas. Their Monarch blend is full bodied and complex on it’s own, and can also be flavorful in a milky latte.  Our single origin espresso rotates throughout the week and can feature Feast Coffee (locally), or any of our more national brands (Onyx, Dapper & Wise, or MadCap). Whether the espresso blend in your favorite, or single origin suits your palate, the espresso is guaranteed to be delicious. Ask our Barista’s what’s in the hopper and they’ll gladly help you make your decision!

Our House Coffee

We proudly serve coffee from award winning national roasters including the Southern Weather blend from Onyx as well as single origins from Dapper and Wise, or MadCap Coffee. We love introducing our customers to new coffees and roasters that they may not find anywhere else in Redding.

Pour Overs

Our slow bar provides pour over service with single origin beans from MadCap, Dapper & Wise, or Feast. Our bean selection varies through the week, but our baristas are more than happy to let you know the selection and recommendations.
* We do not generally serve Pour Overs during busy rush hours due to their 4 minute pour process.

Food Options

We have a selection of breakfast and lunch options that are made daily in our commercial kitchen including burritos, salads, and sandwiches. On the lighter side, grab a bagel, yogurt parfait, quiche, muffin, or have the banana bread toasted and served with butter. Gluten free? Order a bowl of granola, a blondie or brownie, or delicious cookie (8g of protein!). You won’t go hungry here.

Where to find us